The Perfect Break

Living in the city has its rewards, but anyone who lives in one knows just how fast paced and hectic life can be. Luckily, the United Kingdom is blessed with beautiful countryside that is often within an hours drive of the city centre, offering the perfect weekend – or even midweek escape.

The UK also has a tradition of high-quality bed and breakfast accommodations in the countryside as well as in village homes that allow you to get out of the city and escape without having to break the bank.

People seek to get out of the city limits to escape the cacophony of noise and constant distractions that modern living offers. We are constantly plugged into our smartphones to check the latest news or to check our emails or even to play games on online casino. Many people tend to turn their phones off, or at least put them on flight mode when they are away in the countryside so they can truly switch off their minds and relax.

While UK has some stunning scenery to offer, it is hard to enjoy it if you have got your head stuck in your phone all the time. There are plenty of things that you can do to recharge and relax in the countryside and much of it is the simple pleasures of life, such as taking a long country walk and stopping for a beer or two in the local pubs. The best thing is that these pleasures are on your doorstep if you stay at a village.

Many people also opt to take a book they have been yearning to read for so long and enjoy it in the peaceful surroundings of an old village house. You can put your feet in an icy stream or lay in a meadow, the choice is really yours, all you have to do is switch off for a while and enjoy your surroundings. It truly is a healing process.